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5 Women Bosses of Male-Dominated Industries


Ladies, what is your plan for your recently rented commercial space in Cavite? Do you want to open up a flower shop? Are you dreaming to have your own beauty salon? Are you planning to pursue being an events manager? Or are you willing to break the norm and step out of your comfort zone?

This is possible for female millennials because of their “can do” attitude. According to a blog in, they are known for being “highly ambitious, educated, optimistic, dedicated, and are attempting to thrive in a well-rounded lifestyle.” Lucky Attitude says this generation is “the startup kids or the millennipreneurs.” In fact, the site mentions that “in the US, [one of their] career goals involves climbing the corporate ladder to become a CEO or president.”

If you grew up around successful entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, who wouldn’t be inspired and be motivated to break the mold? Just like these women who boldly conquered the men’s world:

Diane R. Garrett, Ph.D.
Company: Wellgreen Platinum Ltd.
Industry: Mining
Title: Director/President & CEO

Diane certainly knows what career to pursue. She got her Master’s degree in Mineral Economics and obtained a Ph.D. in Engineering. Diane has been in the mining industry for more than 20 years. Her work life primarily revolved in that industry from being a Mining Analyst and Portfolio Manager, Vice President of Corporate Development of two mining corporations to being President & CEO of Romarco Minerals, Inc. and now at Wellgreen Platinum Ltd.

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Catharine Farrow
Company: TMAC Resources, Inc.
Industry: Mining
Title: CEO and Director

Farrow is another woman who was able to stay in a male-dominated industry for more than 20 years, too. She holds several degrees like Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Geology, Master of Science in Geology and Doctor of Philosophy in Earth Sciences. She also made sure in her tenure, women has a place in TMAC, particularly on executive positions. In Deloitte’s “100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining 2016,” it also mentioned there that she was a winner of the William Harvey Gross Medal from the Mineral Deposits Division of the Geological Association of Canada.

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Andra M. Rush
Companies and Titles: Rush Trucking Corporation (Chairman and CEO), Dakkota Integrated Systems (President and CEO) and Detroit Manufacturing Systems (President and CEO)
Industry: Trucking and Automotive

This one tough mom of three children didn’t mind all the grease work and all the rush towards success. Andra was an unsure 23-year-old when she first ventured the business in 1984. But because of her unstoppable motivation, sheer determination and relentless passion, she is now the CEO of not only one but three big corporations in the US. Her $5,000 borrowed money from her parents multiplied to $400 million and counting. She is the “boss lady” who rules in two male-oriented industries.

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Debra L. Reed
Company: Sempra Energy
Industry: Power and Utilities
Title: Chairman and CEO

Debra’s business is a Fortune 500 company and it ranked no.2 at EY’s 2016 Women in Power and Utilities Index worldwide. It scored 2.73 in terms of gender diversity in the workplace which makes them the second to the highest scorer. Fortune recognizes her as the “Most Powerful Women in Business” and Forbes magazine considers her as USA’s most influential female CEOs.

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Linda Jackson
Company: Citroën
Industry: Automotive
Title: CEO

Linda rose from the ranks of this French car company of being a Financial Director first in 2005 and took the helm of being a CEO in June 2014. According to their website’s Media Center, she “has been voted the most influential British woman in the automotive industry and ranks number-two in the Brit List of top automotive industry executives by Auto Express.” It is worth-mentioning that Linda is the only female who got in the top 10 of Auto Express’ list.

As a line in a song goes, “When you dream, dream big.” However, keep in mind that success in business is an endless pursuit that even men strive to achieve. Who hopes that one day his/her rented commercial space in Cavite will turn into an owned corporate building headquarters.

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