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Solar Power and UPS: A Cost Effective Solution

Solar Power and UPS: A Cost Effective Solution

An uninterruptible power supply is an indispensable piece of electronics for day to day business in the Philippines. Data centers, IT centers, small businesses, or any other establishments that rely on critical data need because a UPS maintains power even when there’s an outage by storing electricity in a battery for use in emergencies.

It ensures that their operation will run unhindered and much more efficient making a cost-effective measure for the long run by helping to keep equipment and data safe. Basically, a UPS provides you with clean electricity or a safety net in case of power outages.

The Real Problem

An uninterruptible power supply is great for emergencies and works great when coupled with a diesel powered generator. The power goes out and the UPS’ batteries kick in instantly to provide power long enough for the generators to start up. It only works great when you have enough fuel to keep things running so it’s costly should blackouts happen often.

Climate change is real and we’re experiencing it in the Philippines. It’s getting warmer each year and even on the amihan season, the hot weather can still be felt. As a result, there would be an increase in energy consumption because of our cooling requirements, especially during the hot summer season.

The real problem isn’t our lack of renewable sources; it’s the cost of electricity and also rising gas prices. Our country is reliant on renewable energy measures such as hydroelectric plants, geothermal power, solar power, wind power, and biomass power.

We maximize the use of these natural sources but suffer from expensive fees due to:

  • Limited fossil fuel production
  • Feed-in-Tariff rates
  • System loss
  • Heavy taxes on the power industry (such as universal charge, VAT, local franchise tax, missionary electrification charge, and environmental charge)
  • Tax reform (TRAIN tax)

Reliance on fuel and high energy costs are detrimental in the long run so it’s best to have your personal renewable power source as a cost-effective solution. A very good example of this is solar power.

Solar Power as a Solution

Solar power works by absorbing solar radiation through its silicon photovoltaic solar cells. When the sun’s rays interact with the silicon cell, electrons begin to move. The moving electrons then create a flow of electric current that’s captured by nodes and wiring in the panel. Lastly, the DC (Direct Current) power from the wire is then fed to a solar inverter which converts electricity to AC (Alternating Current).

You basically get unlimited energy from the sun and you can go off-the-grid. This is better for your home or your business since you can worry less about the operating expenses and just focus on running your business.

A Cost-Effective Measure

Pair solar power with an uninterruptible power supply and you don’t have to worry about rising energy and fuel prices in the Philippines anymore. No blackouts or brownouts to worry about and no more fuel needed for generators. Clean and green is the way to go.

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