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How Instant Apps is the new IT in the Android World

How Instant Apps is the new IT in the Android World

Tired of waiting for an app to load so you could use it? To constantly update the app and eat up a lot of space? What if there was another way to make a native app to load faster, quicker, and easier? What a wonderful experience would that be?

Thanks to Google and their set of gifted minds, they’ve just announced a new gift to Android users, the “Google Play Instant”.

Google Play Instant

Android instant apps is the faster and quicker way to experience first-hand an app without needing to fully download the entire app. To put it simply, it’s like a webpage, you see all the features, try it, retrieve what you need thru a link, and when you back out, the app closes just like a tab in a browser, however, the difference of this to a webpage is, it is only accessible on an Android phone with access to Google Services or android phones with Google Play Store unlike webpages which you could access to different browsers.

Witness the newest update in action with this video of a game app with a “try now” button.

The video is a comparison of installing a native app versus experiencing the game thru an instant app. See how fast you can experience the app in just a single click and a wait time thrice faster than the waiting time of downloading the native app. It’s like having a trial of the game without the hassle of downloading the entire app to find out it was not what you wanted and ended in another uninstall. Nifty way to try things out, right!

How it works?

Run a specific feature of an app using your android phone thru accessing only what you needed. You’ll be presented with a subset of the app thru a link, the try now button, or a Near-field Communication (NFC) technology built-in in your android phone.

Watch the experience of Dieter Bohn from The Verge on using the instant app to say pay a parking ticket.

Thru the built-in NFC technology on his android phone he could easily access the app without needing to download the entire app. The process was fast, quick, and easy. No more used up memory on an app he won’t use frequently.

Another experience he tried was thru accessing a specific page of an app thru a link. Instead of being directed to a browser and a webpage, he was presented with only the part he needed. It was fully functional and loads faster than a web browser.

Advantages of an Instant App

No installation required

As the name implies, instantly have access to a feature of an app without installing the app. It’s like using what you only need when you need it and after using it, no icon will be added in your menu. Don’t worry you could still see the history of your instant apps in the Instant Apps tab in your Google Account Settings.

A quick and easy transaction with Android Pay

Just like what Dieter Bohn experienced, apps of a certain machine no longer need to be downloaded. You only need to have an NFC technology on your android phone then the transaction will commence. If in case it is an e-commerce app, then you could pay it thru android pay.

Or right in the try now button, instantly buy a certain product in the loaded instant app and pay using android pay of your already logged in account.

Update the app within the day

No need to create a separate or new app as what you’ll be updating is the same app in you created. If you happen to be in the Philippines or anywhere in the world, it is good to note this mobile apps company in the Philippines to ensure you with the right app for your business plus the updates you wanted.

Supported by late android operating system

Currently, rolled out instant apps are accessible to android phones running with lollipop operating system to present but will also be available to users using Jelly Bean. This is one of the good features of using an instant app, it lets you experience every app without needing to update to the latest OS in the market.

Want to give android instant apps a try? Be sure to visit this mobile apps company in the Philippines and see the mobile app version of your business be accessible in a single click.

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