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Leveraging Mobile Gaming Into your Digital Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, smartphones are now a necessity to every person. Smartphones help them reach people as well as help them relax. And one way smartphones help promote relaxation is thru mobile games.

Mobile Games Define

These are games designed to run on mobile devices allowing multiplayer games thru wireless communication. Did you know, the first ever mobile game known to man is a variant of the classic Tetris, Hagenuk MT-2000 device from 1994.

By the numbers

As Statista showed, the Philippines have 38.01 million smartphones to date and expected to rise up to 40 percent by the year 2021.

When it comes to gaming, the stereotype young, male gamer are no longer the only target of mobile gaming. From Google’s research, women make up of 52% of the total usage time. And an average gamer spends at least 6 and a half hours a week playing mobile games from the 78 percent of app users surveyed.

Why Advertise on Mobile Games

Nobody likes banner ads filling an entire site and disruptive pop up ads that are mostly deemed as spam due to its history. Mobile gamers are now embracing the idea of in game ads where every interaction a certain reward is given to them. The idea is called reward system often used to us by our parents when we did something pleasing to them. Take advantage of their receptive state of mind in a good way and advertise your branded content.

Also, mobile gamers have no gender which promises a wide range of audience to advertise to. Thru this, you could funnel down your audience base on their interests which allows you to show your ads only to users with a higher chance of converting.

Metrics tracking in a mobile game are quite positive as it collects frequency of use, satisfactory rate, engagement on branded ads, social media shares, and location which checks out that thru this success rate is measurable.

Types of Mobile Game Ads

Mobile game ads could vary from these two types: static and dynamic.

Static mobile game ads – this type of game ads is like product placements. It is placed during the development phase and could not be removed or updated.


Dynamic mobile game ads – this type of game ads is used in digital marketing. Its ability to display online advertising make it possible to be used by advertisers. Unlike static, this could be updated and flexible.

5 Ways to advertise in a Mobile Game

  1. Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are a good way to maximize the per level natural break of a game. Through this method, game interruption is not present and let’s user take information of the ad without interfering with the gaming experience.

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  1. Native Banners

A native banner functions like a banner ad on a website, however, placed in a much preferable position and appears as part of the overall flow of the game.

There are instances that these banners could become a nuisance as placement is done wrong. To positively make use of this tactic be sure to position your banner in the corner of the screen where it keeps the ad apparent but unobtrusive.

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  1. Ads as a Reward

Make the ads be interesting by giving rewards to users who view them. Though this type offers a positive increase in engagement and clicks, the question remains, is the user retains anything from this interaction or just their freebie.

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  1. Expandable Ads

These are the small icons of an ad mostly placed at the side when clicked expands and shows the entire ad. This type of ad is not preferred than other strategies as this is obtrusive and tends to take over the entire screen.

However, this could still work if the icon is engaging enough and clearly notifies the user that it is an expandable ad.

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  1. In-Game Video

This is a tricky type of ad to invest into as it interrupts the gameplay. Though it promises a 15-30 second video ad, it compromises the quality of the game.

Take Away

Mobile games are created to improve skills as well as promote relaxation but if a game is solely created to generate ads only, then this is not the right strategy for you.

Manage your digital marketing campaign well and see which mobile game ad works best to your needs or why not ask help from a digital marketing company in the Philippines and let them optimize your mobile game ads efficiently.

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