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3 Beginner’s Tips to Learn English in just 10 Minutes a Day

English’ is like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.

This phrase seems tailor-made for English! With its elaborate and beautiful Germanic roots as its foundation, and French and Latin as its ancestors, it’s to no one’s surprise that learning English (and or any other language, for that matter) is widely perceived as a task which requires an incredible amount of time and effort. (Seriously, I kid you not; there has to be a considerable amount of temporal fortitude on the learner’s part in order to move from totally clueless to fully functional!)

However, do you know that you can actually be better at English (or any language) in three ways? Just by literally using a mere 10 minutes every day, you can become a pro in English!

Before I start, I would like to assure you that I’m not going to give you tried-and-true cliches such as “reading an English book” or “watching some English shows”. Obviously, these take more than 10 minutes, so they are not realistic at all (and, dare I say it, very “click-baity”!). Plus, can you imagine the *gasp* terror that this will inflict on people with busy schedules? So without further ado, let’s get started!

Prepare Your Day In English

While you start your day, be it having your breakfast, going for a jog, or taking a shower, go ahead and take 10 minutes to plan your day in English – what would you like to have for lunch, what do you want to do after work and et cetera. By doing this, you can improve the quality of your sentences (not to mention the speed in actually phrasing them in your mind!) With these daily 10 minutes, I can guarantee you that the sentences will come naturally sooner or later.

If you feel like taking on a greater challenge after this, try to take 10 minutes and talk to native English speakers. It’s mainly through conversation that you can gain the most grammatical and lingual input.

Deck Out Your Room With English Quotes

Do you love quotes as much as I do?

If you’re an art bug, you can choose from a whole gallery of quotes available online and write it out on Post-its or coloured papers. Get creative with the layout and the decor of your quotes so that it’s pleasing to the eye and it’s something that you actually WANT to see first thing in the morning!

Additionally, if you’re not an artsy person, you can print out some quotes from Pinterest or buy some from Etsy and have them framed.

Quotes are, in a sense, the modern version of poetry. It doesn’t matter what type of quotes they are – movie quotes, inspirational quotes, and so forth; having 10 minutes to go through all of them not only gives you a source of inspiration, but can also help you improve your English! So good luck, and “may the odds be ever in your favour”!

Use Dictionary Apps

A word a day keeps the doctor away. There are some dictionary apps that will allow you to fiddle with the settings and get them to send you their Word of The Day along with its definition. Although this doesn’t even take up a full 10 minutes, you can also read up some sample sentences with the Word of The Day included in the content so that you can understand how to use it if you want to use up all 10 of your minutes!

There you go! Simple, aren’t they? Plus, you get to mix and match! For example, if you feel that quotes can get you through your Monday Blues, while the Word of the Days can see you through Tuesdays, you have the flexibility to do so! Remember that there are no right or wrong methods to learning English and that these are merely guides to help and give you a boost 10 minutes every day!

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