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Basic Woodworking Skills You Need To Learn: CUTTING


The continuous integration of technology to everyday life has significantly improved our way of living. Laborious tasks have been made easier thanks to scientific discoveries and inventions. Can you even imagine life if printing presses weren’t invented? If the conveyor belt didn’t exist? And from a woodworker’s point of view, what if power tools didn’t exist? But what most artists do not know is that with adequate skills and experience, even with the use of the simplest tools, they can create the most complex projects with stunning results. Continuous training and refinement of the basic skills is the key in improving craftsmanship. In theory, doing the same task over and over will soon help us develop techniques, system, or routine to make a job easier.

And in the long run, you will discover that you will still be able to produce quality projects even without the help of your Milwaukee M18 by substituting your refined woodworking skills. Let us go down on one of the basic woodworking skills and how you will be able to improve it: cutting.


Woodworking involves a lot of cutting and putting together of materials. Learning how to cut materials efficiently will not just save you time but it will also let you save money by using only the portion of material that is needed for a project. For example, a piece of wood can be used in 2 projects instead of one if it cut efficiently.

There are number of ways to cut a material. Let’s focus on efficiently using each type of cutting tool by knowing how to utilize them.

Hand Saw
Handsaw –
A handsaw is perfect for quick cut job. The down side of using a saw it that it requires muscle strength and a specific hand saw is needed for a specific material to cut.
Jigsaw –
is a must have for any wood shop. It is considered as a do-it-all cutting tool. The small and interchangeable saws of jigsaws make it a perfect tool for cutting in curves and shapes.
Circular Saw
Circular Saw –
is the right tool for making long straight cuts. It could be a bit dangerous for beginners since it is heavy duty equipment.

Tips for Cutting

Invest on Clamps. Clams are perfect for holding together similar pieces of wood. Clamps hold the wood in place and prevent it from slipping so that you cut accurately. It wouldn’t hurt to have at least 2 clamps in your tool kit.

Use Markers. Experienced woodworker may be able to make a perfect straight cut even without marking the wood for guide but for cases where an exact measurement of wood is needed, marking the wood before cutting will be the best option. Be sure to have a pencil or marking knife for occasions like this.

Keep your workplace tidy. This should go without saying but reminding wouldn’t hurt especially if it could save you from an accident. Keeping your workplace organize and clean will help you work efficiently. Be sure to have a high power vacuum to help you clean up those sawdust and wood chippings.

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