Monday , December 17 2018


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Retail Business Start-up Checklist


Retail stores may come and go. On the first day, they’re up and boosting their sales. Then the next day, they will die out and end up being bankrupt. Between buyer-seller relationships, the strong ones who stay in the game are the buyers or the consumers. You don’t need to …

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Basic Woodworking Skills You Need to Learn: SANDING


Sanding, boring as it may sound, is a basic woodworking skill that everyone who would like to excel in furnishing a project needs to master. Sanding is a crucial step that decides the overall quality of your project. Sanding removes minor texture blemishes, nicks, scratches, and open pores of the …

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Basic Woodworking Skills You Need To Learn: CUTTING


The continuous integration of technology to everyday life has significantly improved our way of living. Laborious tasks have been made easier thanks to scientific discoveries and inventions. Can you even imagine life if printing presses weren’t invented? If the conveyor belt didn’t exist? And from a woodworker’s point of view, …

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