Sunday , April 21 2019


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Passport in a Snap!

Bago nauso ang mga free mileage at budget airfares sa Pilipinas, itinuturing na pang-mayaman lamang ang pagbiyahe sa ibang bansa. Isa ito marahil sa mga dahilan kung bakit hindi naman big deal ang pagkuha ng passport noon. Kung may passport ka noong araw, malamang isa kang OCW o overseas contract …

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Getting an Eyebrow Tattoo? Check This Out First!

Eyebrow Tattoos have become more popular than ever here in the Philippines. It’s all thanks to the new method of making natural-looking, permanent eyebrows. People used to say “never tattoo your eyebrows” mainly because of the past stigma of them being painfully obvious as fake. Now, it’s desirable to have …

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3 Signs that Your Business Needs Offshoring Services

3 Signs Why Your Business Needs Offshoring Services

No one starts a business with the hopes of being bankrupt. It’s no secret that business-minded people are always after the profit. It’s all about the financial benefit that they get from business activities minus all the expenses, costs and taxes which are needed to sustain the company. However, not …

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Why You Should Take Your Child To The Dentist?

Parents only want the best for their children. For some, that means enrolling their children in top performing schools, buying high-quality stuff, or meticulously choosing what to cook. As much as possible, we work hard to give our children the things they needed. Though we differ in parenting styles, we …

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How to Get Your Website Localized Effectively


  Website localization is beneficial for businesses looking to expand across the globe. It’s an invaluable tool that will give a business an edge online by having their brand exposed abroad in a way that’s natural for the target audience. It makes marketing your products easier since you won’t be …

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