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Advantages of Using HDPE Fittings and Pipes

The conception of this type of pipe has its roots from World War II. HDPE stands for High-density polyethylene. Today, we use it to make plastic bags, toys, containers, automobile parts, furniture and other products we could apply this versatile substance. Of course, the most common output is the HDPE fittings and pipes, a primary component in drainage systems, oil depots, and factories and even in the plumbing system of our home.

What are the characteristics of HDPE that makes it a primary choice in various industry applications?

  • It doesn’t corrode or rust, chemical resistant, and reject biological growth. HDPE fittings and pipes is the perfect candidate for sewer systems and drainage systems.
  • It is lightweight and could last up to 50 years thus this type of pipe is cost-effective solution in times of transport and handling.
  • HDPE is plastic in nature, which means it is non-conductive to electricity. It is also heat, UV and weather resistant so it is perfect for outdoor installations.
  • Expect no problems when fusing or joining HPDE fittings and pipes Using butt fusion machine or electrofusion machine the resulting welded pipe is stronger than the pipe itself.
  • Has a smooth surface that is suitable for any liquid transport, thus less friction and lower turbulence.
  • As a container, it is safe to store food and beverages in it. Samples are drinking water, juice, milk, and condiments.
  • HDPE is recyclable and flexible. It provides easy disintegration from the pipe’s original network even in underground areas and no difficulties once you install the pipe on a new network.

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