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5 Causes of Toilet Clogging

We’ve all experienced it at least once in our lives—we flush the toilet after peeing or doing number 2s and then the horror happens: the water starts to rise slowly and we back away thinking to ourselves “oh dear God, why?” It could be that you need pozo negro services because there’s a big chance that your drainage is blocked up. By what? Well, there are a number of things that clog up a toilet; the most common of which are the following.

High “Load” on Old Low Flow Toilets

Low flow toilets are meant to be efficient in that they need less water to flush out waste. Older models of low flow toilets, however, are prone to clogging if they take on too much. This is why there are toilet rooms that warn against flushing toilet paper—old models of low flow toilets cannot handle a high density of toilet paper and waste.

Mineral Accumulation

This is one common cause of clogging we’ve observed when providing Malabanan septic tank services.  Especially in the Philippines, the locally distributed water can tend to be very hard. The harder the water, the more minerals it has. These minerals could get sifted in small quantities on things like hair, string, or even the walls of your drain pipes, little by little accumulating into a thicker wall of mineral.

Too Much Waste

When worse comes to worse, not only will you be left with a clogged toilet sometimes; you will be left with a toilet that will rise up against every flush, and eventually, slowly overflow with wastewater. On most occasions, the surrounding tiles also rise and spew septic water. You will not be able to do DIY fixes with this so best to get pozo negro services quick.

Too Little Water in the Tank

Sometimes, the clog or downright blockage could be with the water inlet. If there’s too little water in the toilet’s tank, it’s going to be likely that there’s also going to be very little pressure—and flushing is all about pressure. Make sure that there is sufficient amount of tank water or check to see if the water pipes aren’t blocked.


Of course, the last entry would be what we commonly see blocking even our shower drains: hair. Hair, in small quantities and in short length, is easy to flush and might not even get caught on anything. But when flushing one too many hairs of longer lengths, you run the risk of having them get caught in a snag inside the pipes. Eventually, one hair will get tangled up with a couple few more and your bad habit of flushing trimmings down the toilet will have caught up with you.

But certainly, for all of these, you have Malabanan Septic Tank services to rely upon to get your drains, pipes, toilets, and septic tanks in order.


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