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3 Low-key Commercial Couriers for Your Online Retail Business in the Philippines

In this age of faster growing businesses, big suppliers employ reliable distribution services in the Philippines to have goods transported constantly per business cycle to retailing partners. This type of logistics solutions, however, might not be the most actionable method for independent online retailers, mostly social media users that are selling through such platforms.

It isn’t impossible though and distribution does not have to be expensive either so here are three couriers you might want to consider if you want to save money on getting your products to your customers.


Fast Track

Fast Track is a fairly new courier service provider but they are gaining steady popularity because of their relatively fast turn over time and reliability. Their rates are relatively cheap with Metro Manila deliveries starting at 90 pesos and provincial deliveries starting at 350, though not necessarily the cheapest. What sets their costing off is their weight allowance of up to 5KG before incurring additional cost.

You can see more about their services here:


Zoom Courier

Zoom enters the list as the mid-cheap of the three on this. Their claim to fame is that they are very independent retailer friendly. They put up their business to cater to online businesses in mind. They might be the closest you can get to actually hiring distribution services in the Philippines if you’re an online shop startup. Their best feature? Their consignee remittance service for customers who want to pay with Cash on Delivery!

Learn more about their COD options on their website:


ABest Express

Of course, we’ve saved ABest for last. ABest express is the cheapest among these couriers and that’s why online sellers prefer them. As one of the most affordable couriers, they are also fairly accessible, having 100 branches nationwide, and covering delivery for anywhere in the Philippines.

Learn more about ABest here:

If you are starting up a business, study how these couriers ensure yours and your customers’ satisfaction so that when you eventually grow your online shop, you’ll be familiar with the good qualities to look for in your distribution service providers in the Philippines.

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